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A message from - Framack4 Framack4:iElimina has been around for seven years. Recently, new Wikispaces have popped up as what appear to be competitors to iElimina. They have made false claims such as being the "most popular" and having the "largest selection" of games. Some of them have even turned to gimmicky slogans, and have advertised countlessly on iElimina. In fact, over half of the games on here have been copied and used on another popular Wikispace, which now makes claims of originality. While on the surface these Wikispaces may appear new and flashy and constantly updated, they will never reach what iElimina has been and continues to be to this day. I will not name these wikispaces. However, I will clarify that while iElimina is not updated with flash backgrounds, image-links to games, categorised games, it remains at heart the best and most original gaming Wikispace you'll ever find, with the largest selection of games by far.
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